Propuesta nuevo museo Guggenheim en Helsinki



The planned building rises to the south with the twofold purpose of capturing solar radiation and minimizing the shade provided by the building on the access plaza located to the north.


The underneath space generated is closed with glass in order to heat the huge atrium in a passive way thanks to greenhouse effect.


This large glazed atrium is conceived as a public space and will house the main public uses of the building such as the store, the cafe-bar, the access to the restaurant and VIP zones. This space will allow the visitors to enjoy warmer climate vegetation and It will also allow the exhibition of large-format installations.


The building is compact with a folded aluminum sheet outside and wood in the inside. The folds in the outer skin are a faithful reflection of what happens inside with the wooden inner skin. The generated forms are inherent to Scandinavian architectural and design tradition.


This metal skin will bring light to a city with lack of brightness because of its latitude and it will contribute to avoid overheating problems thanks to the reflection provided.


The horizontal component of the building, in order not to interfere the views from the park, contrasts with the vertical component of a lookout tower.

This tower houses two public lifts that link the dock level with the lookout terrace and with a pedestrian footbridge that improves the connection with the park.


On the west side of the building are located the uses that require a road connection, such as the staff parking, art loading and general dock, maintenance and operations area and the access to the offices.


The building is entered through a glass thermal control lock that leads to the public square overlooking the city. In this area are located the retail area, the visitor services area and part of the dining program. The museum shop is located close to the access with the goal of attracting the maximum number of visitors.


On the upper floors the program of the building is divided into three parts, Dining, Exhibitions, and Programs/Events with the Offices. Each part has its own vertical communication core with a staircase and two elevators and at least two emergency stairways. A huge lift links all the floors for moving all kind of art works.


On the top floor is the restaurant which enjoys a large south facing terrace with sea views. This floor also houses the VIP zones and relaxing areas with panoramic views over the city.


The exhibition spaces are approached in a flexible manner combining spaces with a lower ceiling and many walls with large open spaces. This fact will allow all kind of artistic installation to be exposed.


These large rooms can easily be opened to the main atrium, when needed, thanks to vertical sliding panels. They all have skylights providing diffuse natural light.


The conference hall is designed as a two-level space and it has an automatic system based on retractable tiered seating with folding and unfolding mechanism.


The composite panels that cover the west building façade, the use of wood inside and the presence of vegetation reinforce the idea of a building in harmony with the environment.



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